When does your Steam Vacuum take Actions?

Today as I was browsing through YouTube about steam vacuum, I came across an interesting video which I posted just next to this post on the side bar. Too bad, it doesn’t have any sound but it is really worth your time to watch. Why do I say that? That video shows many advantages and benefits of having a steam vacuum. steam vacuum cleaner So…. How is it? It’s powerful right? I understand that steam vacuums are slightly more expensive than a normal vacuum but think about it this way – even though you will spend some money it will be beneficial on your side too. If there are a lot of things that stops you from buying one, think about these things:

1) How often do you change your vacuum? Maybe once every 2-4 years ? As you know, most electrical appliance has a warranty of 1-2 years depending on the manufacturer. So if it is already time to change your vacuum, go ahead and spend that extra money on a better steam vacuum because not only you will have a warranty for 1-2 years, it will also give you a peace of mind and ease your job cleaning the place for 2 years which is 730 days !!!

2) How much is a normal vacuum and a steam vacuum? The cheapest place to buy is no doubt Ebay and Amazon. Why? Retailers are bound to charge an RRP (real retail price) so that there is less competition between retailers. Even big retailers such as Wal-Mart or other mega stores has only a slight difference in price.

While in Amazon and Ebay, based on my experience, they are usually 5-25% cheaper. They do not have a real shop. When I say real that means they do not have a shop showing products that they sell. Instead they have a virtual shop which we call it online shop, so what you’re specifically doing is online shopping. So they need not to follow the RRP as they are usually a small business or just a guy trying to make an extra income. Retailers have a lot of overhead, they have to pay their employees, management fees, rental fees, electricity and many more. While the online business only needs to pay for their domain name, hosting and maybe 1 or 2 employees only. That is why the price gap are huge. Not only that, you still get the same benefits as the retailer do. The only disadvantage I personally feel is the delivery time for the product to my door. But just remember, all good things come to those who wait. So it’s all worth it.

3) Let say you buy a steam vacuum that costs 50% more than a regular vacuum . Assuming you buy a good brand of a regular vacuum that costs $100 and a Steam Vacuum thats costs $150. Now think about this, those vacuum do not last for days but years. Let say 2 years, $150 divided by 2 years = only $0.20 a day What if it is $300? only $0.40 a day. Come on….. how much do you pay to clean the carpet if the stain cannot be removed? How much time do you waste trying to scrub the carpet just to remove the stain ? How long are you able to stay patient cleaning those dirty carpets  ?


Steam vacuum is worth every penny to buy. I believe when buying something that is way above $100, don’t go to the actual retailer to buy the product, instead go online and enjoy shopping. Why not buy it in the internet? If you want to try out online shopping on other websites besides ebay and amazon, I would advice you to buy it using  your credit card. It is easy to get your money back, all you need to do is call mastercard or whatever company that handles your card and tell them you’ve been scammed, and they will refund your money with no hassle. If you fear that you might be scammed, go for a trusted company like Amazon or Ebay. What do you think ?

In my opinion, i used this service to order some item that not appear on Ebay and amazon, but it’s does on China website, like alibaba and taobao: OrderWorld – Nhap hang Trung Quoc . They have great service and no delay, also very cheap!


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