Best Dehumidifier for your home: Whole house vs Portable dehumidifier

The presence of centralized air conditioning systems for homes and offices as well as improved insulation and vapor barrier systems are no longer enough to make your home more comfortable. If that is your goal then a dehumidifier can remedy your problem.

You are lucky if you have a palatial home with lots of open space and fresh air. But if you are like most people who live in condominiums, apartments and small houses then you are most probably exposed to surroundings with damp spaces and definitely with excess moisture. Do not worry though because this is a common problem faced even by those who live in big houses but without a best dehumidifier for the whole house.

Homes with or without air purifiers, heating and cooling systems are susceptible to experiencing mold problems as long as the right condition is met for its growth. There are several factors that contribute to the growth of molds indoor and that includes relative humidity & other sources of water that has been left unchecked.

Whole House Dehumidifier vs. Portable Dehumidifier

A whole house dehumidifier detects harmful levels of moisture inside the home and works by getting rid of this excess moisture. You will know when your home has excess moisture when you suffer from sleepless nights due to clammy skin or when you begin to smell musty and unexplained odor in your home. A family member with an allergy can easily have an attack once exposed to molds which is a known household allergen.

Some people believe that an air exchanger works much the same way as a dehumidifier but it is really a matter of choice. There are several choices when it comes to choosing a dehumidifier model for your home but you can settle for any of the Sunpentown dehumidifiers. One consideration when choosing a dehumidifier carrier model is the size of your home or the area where you will use the unit. If the target area is quite extensive then choose a dehumidifier that can cover a 700-square foot area. However, choosing a dehumidifier that can cover room sizes of up to 2200 square feet is better than choosing a portable dehumidifier. You can also use the BTU or British Thermal Unit of the carrier to determine its efficacy but be warned that units with high BTUs are more expensive.

It is unwise to buy a portable dehumidifier because logically it is not only a single area in the house that is bound to suffer from excessive moisture. Aside from being impractical, portable dehumidifiers can also get in the way especially when you have to empty buckets of water several times a day. On the contrary, dehumidifiers for the whole house operate quietly, efficiently and can be placed in areas that are not only out of your way but also out of your sight.


An increased level of humidity in the home can lead to other problems including corrosion, molds and even decay of the home structure and even of home furnishings and appliances. Aside from that, the air irritants and pollutants that result from elevated humidity levels can also be a health hazard. So get a best dehumidifier by reading many reviews before it’s late and you are already suffering from the consequences of excess moisture in your home.


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