How to relieve back pain with just breathing

A famous American doctor proposes this simple method to relieve lumbar discomfort


Simple, practical and free. This is the new method to relieve back pain proposed by Andrew Weil, director of Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona and popular physician in the United States. He has been featured twice magazine Time (in 1997 and 2005) and spent a couple of times a program Oprah Winfrey. This expert has long popularized breathing techniques as a way to achieve relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety or simply reduce back pain. The key is to properly inhale and exhale the air with proper posture. The method is known as 4-7-8.

The exercise consists of lying down or sitting with your back straight and supported. Once the proper posture has been achieved, the tip of the tongue should be placed just behind the front teeth, where the palate begins. It should not be performed more than four times a day during the first month.

These are the three steps of therapy:

  • Close your mouth and inhale the air through your nose. Count to four.
  • Hold your breath for seven seconds.
  • Completely exhale the air from your lungs for eight seconds. It is important to make a loud sound while doing it. Now you understand what to 4-7-8?

Guillermo Rodriguez, Head of Sports Medicine Institute, explains that the human body has a muscle “transversus abdominis” (a kind of band that covers from the spine to the linea alba, which is below Of the navel). “It is a very important muscle for lumbopelvic balance and, consequently, for the whole spine. Its main function is to stabilize our position to protect the lumbar area and, also, acts by compressing the viscera of the area of the abdomen. It is an intrinsic muscle of the spine and is also an exhalation muscle which means that it can be detected when the air is expelled, “he deepens.

For this specialist, which describes the Weil is “a method by slow breathing to work that muscle.” And the importance of exhaling all the air is that the transverse should be contracted as much as possible. In his opinion, muscle contraction exercises are a good basis to protect the lower back. “The problem is that by not being in sight, people forget about it and do not exercise them,” he adds.

Andrew Weil explains on his website that “his method, unlike other treatments such as pharmacological, has more effect the more it is practiced.” It also warns that at first it should not be done too many times a day (only two). “When we are accustomed, we can repeat the exercise up to eight times,” he says.

Dr. Francisco Kovacs, who just recently published the book back (Ediciones Temas de Hoy), adds that there are several experimental studies, as published in Alternative Therapy Health Medicine, suggest that in some people with back pain have been Alterations in these reflex mechanisms and different breathing patterns (of those of the healthy people) when making efforts. “There is evidence suggesting that, as a result of these alterations, the variations of the center of gravity that occur during the movement, overloading the musculature of the back, will be compensated worse,” he says. The training and coordination of the inspiratory musculature (diaphragm and deep abdominals) could contribute to improving these aspects. In effect: a breathing exercise against pain.

Kovacs added that certain relaxation techniques that include respiratory training (mindfulness meditation, or mindfulness – yoga, tai chi, chi-Kong, etc.) might have an additional beneficial effect through psychological mechanisms and stress management, facts Would add to the purely muscular ones. “But the only scientific evidence that exists regarding the validity of these theories comes from clinical studies that have been developed with insufficiently rigorous methods to ensure the reliability of their results.” Thus, these tests suggest (but do not demonstrate) potential effectiveness Of these techniques, “he says.


Other effective measures

According to the Web of the Back, postural hygiene has proven to be very inefficient, and only makes sense to consider such measures must be maintained when static and awkward postures a lot of time throughout the day. The most effective remedy is to maintain as much physical activity as possible (even when there is a pain) and to exercise or sport regularly to maintain a sufficiently strong, resistant and well-coordinated muscle. Any exercise is better than none. He also proposes this pair of guidelines:

  • Do not go to the doctor when it is not necessary or does diagnostic tests when they are not indicated; Casual findings induce confusion and error for physicians and increase the risk that patients will end up operated unnecessarily.
  • Do not believe any of the myths that have been passed down for years and have proven to be as false as detrimental to back health.


For some time long distance shooting has been booming in our country. That is why we have developed this decalogue of advice that will help you in this exciting hunting mode.

Before starting maybe we should specify that technically speaking, the consideration of short, medium or long distance will give us the cartridge that we use. By general term in average calibers is considered the average distance from the 350 m. To 600m. Although popularly any hunter who is asked these are shots to “long distance.” It is obvious that this type of shots offers greater difficulty and that the success of collapsing a piece at those distances is conditioned by some variables that we will comment.


The calculation of the actual distance

Few hunters can give an accurate estimate of the distance to a piece. This is further complicated in unfamiliar terrains without distances references. On the other hand, I must tell you that it is completely normal, according to a study by the US Army. In reality, very few people can give a precise approximation of distance, although in any case, it will be an approximation.

Some will say that knowing the size of the target and by grading the grid can do an approximate calculation of distance and so, but we re-enter the field of inaccuracies. Today we have technology at our fingertips that allow us to know with complete precision the distance to the animal that we want to shoot down and, more importantly, can calculate the compensation of the angle with which we aim, to avoid that the shot is Let’s go high. There are magnificent laser range finders and binoculars on the market with a rangefinder that offer all the information of the direct distance and compensated with just a click of a button.

Knowing our optics perfectly

In long distance shots, as important is the optics as the rifle, so selecting the most appropriate and knowledge of it is another decisive factor. Choosing the type of reticle and its position in the first or second focal plane, the number of increases, the diameter of the optics, the graduation of the turrets and even the weight of the same will make the difference. If we do not even know how to operate with it, to correct the clicks or even simply knowing the fall of our projectile at different distances, to use the graduation of the reticle, we will hardly be precise in our shots. The “automatic” zeroing displays are especially useful since they allow us to start from a known position and adjust the necessary clicks knowing the distance to which our prey is.



The crosswind problem

It is possibly the most difficult variable to control, since it may be that the wind in our position, for example, does not correspond to the one in the vicinity of the animal to be knocked over. On the other hand, there may be changing winds from different angles. That is why before taking the shot we must be attentive to the signals that the environment offers us, both at sight and through the viewfinder or binoculars, for example, tree branches, grass blades, shrubs, etc. It is easily understandable that the more distance required by the shot, the more error can cause the wind, from missing the shot to deflect the impact of the area of the death of our prey, leaving it wounded and caused its flight. Only training in wind conditions will allow us to acquire the necessary skill to minimize its effect. Obviously, the use of heavy points in our ammunition will also help to save or mitigate this obstacle.

This problem is possibly the least worked by the hunters in general and the one that ignores most ignorance, perhaps because of that we all often rely on projectiles heavy in powerful calibers.

Use of suitable projectiles

For longer distance shots we have to follow, as a general rule, what sports shooters know well, that although light bullets in principle have a flatter trajectory, they tend to use heavy bullets. At a long distance, heavy bullets for that same caliber have a better behavior by resisting cross winds, retaining more speed and energy in their fall trajectory. This latter aspect is important to increase the chances of collapsing our piece causing death (depending on the impact zone). The projectiles with pointed shape and tail of boat are the ones that have better behavior at a long distance, in short, bullets with high ballistic coefficient.

In the market, we have different projectiles that have these characteristics, in addition to having a magnificent expansive behavior once they hit the target.


Physical and mental control before the shot

The psychic and physical disposition before firing is crucial for accuracy. Being calm, calm, controlling the breath and with a proper posture are the guidelines to follow. Also, we must avoid rushing and wait for the animal to be in good position. All this that seems obvious and relatively simple is not so much if what we see through our viewfinder is the piece that we have always longed for and that few or maybe once in a lifetime we will have to shot. As in other points, only continuous training can guarantee that we save these types of situations with temperance and that we do not overflow the emotion.

We must also consider our physical condition. It is not the same a person of 20-30 years that someone from 50-60 with overweight. Riding on the mountain for hours with a heavy rifle is not the best circumstance for achieving accurate long range shooting. It may be that when we are given the opportunity to shoot we are so extremely tired that we are incapable of firing with the least dexterity. The solution, in this case, is to improve our fitness and choose a rifle that has an adequate weight within the other conditions mentioned in the article.

Samples of some especially light rifles:

  • REMINGTON 783 -3.1 Kg.
  • REMINGTON 700 SPS -2.9 Kg.
  • REMINGTON 700 ADL -3.0 kg.
  • Seven Synthetic REMINGTON -2.5 Kg.

The five plants that NASA recommended to clean the air in your home

Besides, decorate, replace air purifiers, and create a pleasant environment plants clean the air of pollutants. What are they most effective?

Streets, squares, towns, cities, forests … All corners of our planet suffer the constant and daily threat of pollution. Our day to day, despite being increasingly conscious and responsible harm nature at an alarming rate. Your refuge, your home, is also affected by the pollution. Hence also the attitude of each citizen can improve their quality of life, and NASA is ready to help to clean the air in your home with a completely natural solution: plants.

Having plants in a house provides many advantages. Besides, decorate and create a pleasant environment, absorb CO2 and release oxygen, reduce the room temperature and, among many other capabilities, clean the air of pollutants.

This was materialized NASA in 1989 through a study led by Dr. Bill Wolverton, director of the environmental organization Wolverton Environmental Services. Not all plants, however, can debug each and every one of the harmful particles in our homes.

Chemical substance Origin effects
Formaldehyde Particleboard or pressed wood products, carpets, water repellents, flame retardants, natural gas, kerosene, snuff smoke Irritates the eyes, nose, and throat. They can cause headaches and allergic dermatitis
Benzene, Xylene Irritates eyes and skin. Rubber sure can cause headaches, loss of appetite and drowsiness
Carbon monoxide Combustion engine vehicles, wood burning and gas, smoke snuff. It combines with the hemoglobin of the blood preventing its operation.
Trichloroethylene Dry cleaning fluids, printing inks, paints, varnishes, adhesives. They are considered carcinogens

In our homes are many chemicals (such as formaldehyde , the benzene or trichlorethylene ) that cause health problems. What plants, however, they are more effective against contaminants?

Potus ( Epiperemnum aureum )

This plant is the most common in offices and homes. It is native to Southeast Asia (Malaysia and Indonesia) and New Guinea, but adapts well to any environment thanks to its resistance as it requires great care. It can survive in environments between 17 and 30 degrees temperature and should be watered only when the soil is dry note.

Potus, despite being toxic to dogs and cats, is very effective against particles such as formaldehyde, xylene and benzene, avoiding eye irritation, nose, throat and skin. Prolonged exposure to benzene and xylene, for example, can cause headaches, loss of appetite and drowsiness.

Spathiphyllum flower peace, flower candle wind or dead

NASA also placed on its list flowering plants of the genus Spathiphyllum . They are very long – lived plants, originating in Mexico, tropical America, Malaysia and the western Pacific, commonly found around rivers and streams.

These plants can grow in environments with a temperature above 18 degrees and should only avoid being put into airstreams. They need more care than potrus, especially in summer, as they need to be watered and remote from direct sunlight. Plants of the genus Spathiphyllum, however, can absorb the five air pollutants analyzed by the report Wolverton (Formaldehyde, benzene and xylene, trichloroethylene and carbon monoxide)

Bamboo palm ( Raphis excelsa )

Also known as Chinese Rapis or Palmerita, this plant is very slow to start growth, but is picking up speed with age. It is native to Asia and fits in varied conditions, reaching up to 3 meters high

We must take into account them away from direct sunlight, fertile and requires a moist environment for proper growth soils. Your watering should be abundant in summer and moderate in winter and proper care allow us to eliminate, the air with their presence formaldehyde, xylene and ammonia.

Tiger Sansevierias or tongue ( Sansevieria trifasciata )

The sword of St. George or mother tongue is of South African origin and loves full sun. It requires very little irrigation, excess water being your worst enemy.

Its vertical stems make it ideal for little spacious interiors, even if grown outdoors can withstand very high temperatures (up to 40) and very low (-5). This plant is ideal for removing benzene, xylene and toluene, trichlorethylene and formaldehyde.

Ficus robusta

The rubber tree, apart from removing formaldehyde from the air, is an ideal way to maintain humidity, thanks to its high rate of evapotranspiration plant.

Asian, ficus robusta is very grateful and hardy plant. It withstands high temperatures, but can not tolerate sudden changes. In a few years it can grow very fast, so you have to keep in mind that it is a plant that needs space.

Keep Your Home’s Humidity at Its Finest

Why does your skin feel so dry in the winter? Wager you didn’t realize the dryness is from not nearly enough wetness in your house. Insufficient humidity can have a huge effect on your homeowner’s comfort; so can too much. Aside from clean air, good indoor air quality includes managing humidity levels in the homeowner. Too much humidity can develop an environment conducive to the growth of mold. Not nearly enough humidity can trigger severe respiratory issues.

During the cold season, more than 25 million Americans utilize humidifiers to make dry household air more comfy. Make sure you’re getting safe, clean humidity by following these easy standards:

1. Select an evaporative type humidifier. Don’t use one that develops small water droplets. Scientific tests prove that furnace-mounted, evaporative humidifiers do not discharge germs or contribute to mold development.

2. Clean your humidifier regularly. If you make use of a small/portable/baby humidifier, the united state Consumer Products Security Commission suggests cleaning the reservoir regularly to prevent possible mold or bacterial growth. If you make use of a furnace-mounted humidifier, contact your regional cooling and heating professional for an annual maintenance check and to change the water panel.

3. Make certain your humidifier has an accurate control system. The Environmental Protection Agency advises keeping indoor relative humidity at 30 to HALF. Too much humidity can produce condensation on cold windows and motivate the development of mold and allergen; too little causes damage to your house and home furnishings. One efficient way to keep a healthy level of humidity is by using a whole-house humidifier that fits right into your existing ventilation system.

Proper humidity levels can be attained securely and easily with the Aprilaire Whole Home Automatic Humidifier, the world’s first completely automatic humidifier. The innovative computer technology determines the outside temperature level and indoor humidity more than 86,000 times a day and constantly changes the indoor humidity to optimum levels.

This feature permits homeowners to effortlessly manage humidity at the levels suggested by the EPA. “People today expect safety, precision and benefit in their home convenience systems,” said Bruce Darkow, humidifier item supervisor for Aprilaire. “The scientific proof reveals that when humidity is in the type of a water vapor instead of suspended droplets, house owners can safely take pleasure in the wintertime convenience a humidifier offers.”.

Best Dehumidifier for your home: Whole house vs Portable dehumidifier

The presence of centralized air conditioning systems for homes and offices as well as improved insulation and vapor barrier systems are no longer enough to make your home more comfortable. If that is your goal then a dehumidifier can remedy your problem.

You are lucky if you have a palatial home with lots of open space and fresh air. But if you are like most people who live in condominiums, apartments and small houses then you are most probably exposed to surroundings with damp spaces and definitely with excess moisture. Do not worry though because this is a common problem faced even by those who live in big houses but without a best dehumidifier for the whole house.

Homes with or without air purifiers, heating and cooling systems are susceptible to experiencing mold problems as long as the right condition is met for its growth. There are several factors that contribute to the growth of molds indoor and that includes relative humidity & other sources of water that has been left unchecked.

Whole House Dehumidifier vs. Portable Dehumidifier

A whole house dehumidifier detects harmful levels of moisture inside the home and works by getting rid of this excess moisture. You will know when your home has excess moisture when you suffer from sleepless nights due to clammy skin or when you begin to smell musty and unexplained odor in your home. A family member with an allergy can easily have an attack once exposed to molds which is a known household allergen.

Some people believe that an air exchanger works much the same way as a dehumidifier but it is really a matter of choice. There are several choices when it comes to choosing a dehumidifier model for your home but you can settle for any of the Sunpentown dehumidifiers. One consideration when choosing a dehumidifier carrier model is the size of your home or the area where you will use the unit. If the target area is quite extensive then choose a dehumidifier that can cover a 700-square foot area. However, choosing a dehumidifier that can cover room sizes of up to 2200 square feet is better than choosing a portable dehumidifier. You can also use the BTU or British Thermal Unit of the carrier to determine its efficacy but be warned that units with high BTUs are more expensive.

It is unwise to buy a portable dehumidifier because logically it is not only a single area in the house that is bound to suffer from excessive moisture. Aside from being impractical, portable dehumidifiers can also get in the way especially when you have to empty buckets of water several times a day. On the contrary, dehumidifiers for the whole house operate quietly, efficiently and can be placed in areas that are not only out of your way but also out of your sight.


An increased level of humidity in the home can lead to other problems including corrosion, molds and even decay of the home structure and even of home furnishings and appliances. Aside from that, the air irritants and pollutants that result from elevated humidity levels can also be a health hazard. So get a best dehumidifier by reading many reviews before it’s late and you are already suffering from the consequences of excess moisture in your home.

When does your Steam Vacuum take Actions?

Today as I was browsing through YouTube about steam vacuum, I came across an interesting video which I posted just next to this post on the side bar. Too bad, it doesn’t have any sound but it is really worth your time to watch. Why do I say that? That video shows many advantages and benefits of having a steam vacuum. steam vacuum cleaner So…. How is it? It’s powerful right? I understand that steam vacuums are slightly more expensive than a normal vacuum but think about it this way – even though you will spend some money it will be beneficial on your side too. If there are a lot of things that stops you from buying one, think about these things:

1) How often do you change your vacuum? Maybe once every 2-4 years ? As you know, most electrical appliance has a warranty of 1-2 years depending on the manufacturer. So if it is already time to change your vacuum, go ahead and spend that extra money on a better steam vacuum because not only you will have a warranty for 1-2 years, it will also give you a peace of mind and ease your job cleaning the place for 2 years which is 730 days !!!

2) How much is a normal vacuum and a steam vacuum? The cheapest place to buy is no doubt Ebay and Amazon. Why? Retailers are bound to charge an RRP (real retail price) so that there is less competition between retailers. Even big retailers such as Wal-Mart or other mega stores has only a slight difference in price.

While in Amazon and Ebay, based on my experience, they are usually 5-25% cheaper. They do not have a real shop. When I say real that means they do not have a shop showing products that they sell. Instead they have a virtual shop which we call it online shop, so what you’re specifically doing is online shopping. So they need not to follow the RRP as they are usually a small business or just a guy trying to make an extra income. Retailers have a lot of overhead, they have to pay their employees, management fees, rental fees, electricity and many more. While the online business only needs to pay for their domain name, hosting and maybe 1 or 2 employees only. That is why the price gap are huge. Not only that, you still get the same benefits as the retailer do. The only disadvantage I personally feel is the delivery time for the product to my door. But just remember, all good things come to those who wait. So it’s all worth it.

3) Let say you buy a steam vacuum that costs 50% more than a regular vacuum . Assuming you buy a good brand of a regular vacuum that costs $100 and a Steam Vacuum thats costs $150. Now think about this, those vacuum do not last for days but years. Let say 2 years, $150 divided by 2 years = only $0.20 a day What if it is $300? only $0.40 a day. Come on….. how much do you pay to clean the carpet if the stain cannot be removed? How much time do you waste trying to scrub the carpet just to remove the stain ? How long are you able to stay patient cleaning those dirty carpets  ?


Steam vacuum is worth every penny to buy. I believe when buying something that is way above $100, don’t go to the actual retailer to buy the product, instead go online and enjoy shopping. Why not buy it in the internet? If you want to try out online shopping on other websites besides ebay and amazon, I would advice you to buy it using  your credit card. It is easy to get your money back, all you need to do is call mastercard or whatever company that handles your card and tell them you’ve been scammed, and they will refund your money with no hassle. If you fear that you might be scammed, go for a trusted company like Amazon or Ebay. What do you think ?

In my opinion, i used this service to order some item that not appear on Ebay and amazon, but it’s does on China website, like alibaba and taobao: OrderWorld – Nhap hang Trung Quoc . They have great service and no delay, also very cheap!

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